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About the products (Tea, Capsule)

Sampa-sampalukan or the Philippines Chanca Piedra herbs are handpicked & harvested from the abundant forest of southern Cebu, Philippines. It is 100% organic that was naturally grows in the mountains of Dalaguete, Argao and Carcar.

Mona Herbal Products detailed the study and remedies of the herbs which are abundant in Cebu Philippine forest and manufactured the herbs in tea and capsule forms.

 The Original MoNa Phyllanthus brand is own and distributed by former Mother Nature products with a registered legal brand as Reign Herbal Capsule from Talisay City, Cebu. This year 2018, they upgraded the laboratory distribution of the raw materials from Cebu to Manila to comply BFAD policy for a lab grade capsule packaging to pass the registration requirements for legal distribution. Due to the renewal of permits and transferring the brand name from Reign to MoNa(Mother Nature), we are not allowed yet to claim physical store or legal business address for the processing of permits. Initially we already have legal papers to present for the requirements.

About the website www.mona.com.ph

Many people had already proved the effectiveness of the natural herbs of Chanca Piedra distributed by Reign. To give option to those who wish to try the product, we started offering the capsule and tea thru online.

This website www.mona.com.ph is managed and supported by Grace & Ernest Villariza who are a legitimate re-seller and granted as official distributor for MoNa herbal products thru online marketing and E-commerce system like Lazada and Shopee. This website is powered by a secured system by Shopify to protect our buyers online orders.


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Tea and Capsule for your convenient (Iwas Laga – On the Go Habit) 

Our Lazada and Shopee Store
LAZADA - www.lazada.com.ph/shop/villariza
SHOPEE - www.shopee.ph/villariza

Our distribution address:

Casia, Barangay Bankal, Lapulapu City, Cebu Philippines 6015

Mobile Number:

SUN/SMART +63 943 521 8281 or Globe +63 927 126 2387

Thru: Ernest Villariza


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