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Kidney and Liver Cleansing.
Mona Phyllanthus Ninuri Chanca Piedra for Kidney Cleansing

Harvested from the forest in Southern Cebu Dalaguete, Argao and Carcar.
100% organic Phyllantus Ninuri - Chanca Piedra

Brand: Mona Phyllantus
Chanca Piedra Mona Phyllanthus 60 capsules (Stonebreaker) Bottle
Also available 30 Capsule Bottle and 12 Teabags Tea Pack
In Spanish, Chanca Piedra literally means "Stone Crusher"

No approved therapeutic claims
Not intended for pregnant women
Dietary Supplement

MoNa is a rainforest plant that can help to keep optimal liver, gallbladder, and kidney health. MoNa is a 100% Pure Chanca Piedra, organically grown and harvested from a rainforest in the Philippines. Filipino name is “Sampa-sampalukan”. A composite name of Chanca Piedra, “chanca” meaning “to break” in Quechua and “piedra” meaning “stone” in Spanish. It’s the popular name provided to several small fern-like plants within the Phyllanthus genus (botanical family Euphorbiacceae), including Phyllanthus niruri.